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Canastone Contracting is committed to delivering quality services within turn-key custom home building, new home construction, and build management regardless of project scope. That means that our customers never need to undertake the time consuming and difficult process of finding individual trades and sub-trades to complete a construction project. It also means that our customers can be assured that all trades and sub-trades have met Canastone Contracting's multi-step process to ensure quality workmanship within each function of a project. In addition to our full building services suite, Canastone Contracting is a smaller company allowing us to provide more concentrated focus on our customers and their individual project needs and objectives. Canastone Contracting has a full suite of professional, trade, and sub-trade services to meet the needs of our customers and our projects including:

  • General Contracting

  • Electrical

  • Plumbing

  • Carpentry & Framing

  • Planning & Design

  • HVAC

  • Drywall, Mudding & Taping

  • ICF Foundations

Canastone Contracting is committed to building homes of lasting quality

and value. The attention to detail and creativity puts us above and beyond standard homebuilders. We pride ourselves on quality
construction, attention to detail, unique customization, and a dedication to our customers, We take the time to use our team of professionals
to put together well thought out project plans, designs, material selection, and construction/trade schedules to ensure the utmost in quality workmanship throughout the building process that enables the output of high quality maximum value homes. We work to make the construction of your home an enjoyable experience by using our construction, trade, sub-trade, and professional staff selection process, while delivering a home that is tailored to your specific needs, lifestyle, and budget. This includes using the best possible materials with maximum energy efficiency that will last a lifetime. Our dedication to providing the finest construction products and services available ensures that your home will meet and exceed your expectations. As a true custom builder, we build from any floor plan and across multiple price ranges. We can provide guidance regarding the
selection of a site for the design you have chosen or, design a home for
the lot you have already purchased, alongside complete turn-key design
services once you are ready to build your new home. 

Custom Home Building

We are your one stop shop for high quality residential property construction. Within our building processes, not only do all trades and sub-trades meet our rigorous quality standards and multi-step qualification process, in almost all cases we utilize the same trade professionals for each job ensuring the delivery of maximum consistency, quality, and professional workmanship on every job every time. Canastone Contracting custom home building services focuses on high-end, high quality new home construction. Within our robust building service suite, which now also includes full design services, we provide our customers with the ultimate level of quality and customization. From the size of the home to the number of floors, bedrooms, and bathrooms to a complete line-up of finishing and detail options, your Canastone built home can be designed entirely to your specifications creating a finshed product beyond your expectations. Our quality homes are built and designed to not only meet the unique needs, specs, and requirements of each individual customer, but all homes are built to meet and exceed code standards providing an outstanding level of quality and durability. Canastone built homes are built to last and for the long term providing all of our customers with a custom dream home that will be beautiful and structurally sound creating the ultimate home and living space while delivering a premium and transparent customer experience throughout the process.  

Your Home, Your Way

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